Telus PureFibre Optic 

Unlike other surrounding rural communities, Vegreville is equipped with broadband internet. Telus PureFibre optic is the #1 internet technology for speed and reliability. Additionally, Telus is the only major provider in Western Canada with a 100% fibre optic connection to the home. Meaning the internet connection in your home or business is fast and uninterrupted. The closest town equipped Telus PureFibre is over two hours away from Vegreville, making our community incredibly unique. With download speeds reaching 1800 Mbps and upload speeds as high at 940 Mbps, the upload connection is 37x faster than the national average.

What does this mean for homeowners?

Any family living in a rural community understands the struggles of traditional cable connection. Fortunately, with Telus PureFibre, you do not need to worry about how many devices are connected at once or not being able to download the files you need. Fibre optic internet lets you experience state of the art streaming on multiple devices at a time, ensuring everyone in the family has an excellent connection. Gaming on Telus PureFibre is frictionless, with no lag or latency, clear graphics, and better sound. High download and upload speeds allow for quick music downloads, faster photo uploads, and crystal-clear video calls. Whether you are watching a movie after a long week, gaming with your friends, or working from home, Telus PureFibre in Vegreville has you covered. 

What does this mean for business owners?

Telus PureFibre gives you the ability to take your business to new levels with its speed and reliability. No matter what type of business you run, this network is perfect for you, whether you're collaborating on a project and need to send and receive files quickly or rely on a digital payment system. Retailers can offer their customers access to great in-house wifi, giving their business a competitive edge. In this day and age of working from home, video calling and instant messaging are being utilized more than ever, so having a fast, uninterrupted connection is essential. Telus PureFibre in Vegreville is the perfect network to connect your business to the public.

For more information on the Telus PureFibre network in Vegreville, visit their website.

Want to see more utility options?

Although our Telus PureFibre is a fast and reliable connection for anyone, maybe you prefer to opt for a traditional internet cable connection. Luckily, here in Vegreville we have access to service from several internet providers in the area. To find out more about our other options, visit the Public Utility section of our business directory.