Cost of Housing

The cost of housing in Vegreville is another appealing quality to anyone looking to relocate. Enjoy low prices on a vast array of housing options such as single-detached homes, apartments, semi-detached homes, and movable dwellings. The average dwelling price in Vegreville is $247,179, which is significantly lower than the provincial average of $449,790. Additionally, the average dwelling price of a home in Vegreville is lower than all comparator communities by at least $31,200.

If you are not quite ready to buy a home, Vegreville has many rental properties at extremely competitive costs. On average, renters in Vegreville pay $966 a month – approximately $277 lower than the provincial average of $1,243. Although Vegreville’s monthly rental rates are higher than that of Minburn County, Vegreville has a variety of housing options to choose from. As 90% of dwellings in Minburn County are single-detached homes, with the remaining 10% being moveable dwellings, there are no apartments or semi-detached houses or rent. Fortunately, Vegreville has plenty of each option, allowing you to choose whatever housing style will fit your lifestyle best while enjoying the low cost.

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