Population and Age

Total Population 5708 Median age  of 44 

16.5% of the population is between 0 -14

61.5% of the population is between 15 - 64.  

22.0% of the population is 65 and older

Vegreville's trade area population close to 30,000 provides an excellent labour pool.  (Source Stats Canada 2016 Federal Census)



Vegreville’s trade area has an average annual household income of approximately $91,725 and 24% of households in this area have annual household incomes of over $100,000. As these average incomes are higher than the provincial average of $93,835, there is a high potential for disposable income for retail spending in our trading area. (source 2018 Retail Gap Analysis)

Labour Force

Vegreville has a readily available workforce with varied skill-sets due to a diverse economy....employable workforce of approximately 2870. Vegreville's trade area has a population close to 30,000 providing an excellent labour pool. 

Retail trade is the third-largest industry in Vegreville, after Healthcare & Social Assistance, and Public Administration respectively. As it makes up 11.5% of the employed workforce in our town, retail trade is a high demand industry. 


Vegreville’s population is quite educated in hands-on technical fields, as well as roles in administration. Trades education makes up for 13.5% of Vegreville’s population, which is higher than the provincial average of 10.6%. Additionally, 26.2% of Vegreville’s population has a college-level education, 4.2% higher than the provincial average. With residents educated in many different industries and fields, businesses are sure to find employees trained in the exact occupation they are looking for.