The Economic Development maps linked below are maps and tables which show entrepreneurs key information and demographics of the town and retail trade area. These maps are part of the Retail Gap Analysis which Vegreville had conducted in 2019. This analysis looked at the current spending of the local trade area (defined as a 45-minute drive to Vegreville from any direction). This trade area has just under 40,000 occupants and an average household income of just under $100,000 per year. This analysis then looked at the spending those occupants did in Vegreville and then estimated the “leakage” of spending in our area. With this, they were able to determine what areas of retail the town should focus on to help fill this leakage gap.

By using these maps and the information from the Retail Gap Analysis, entrepreneurs, investors, and business owners can make informed decisions on choosing an industry, target demographic, or location for their business in Vegreville.