Vegreville is home to a wide variety of businesses that cater to the marketplace in the area. While we are accommodating to all areas of business, our primary focus is in the following areas:

Professional, Scientific and Technical Services

As home to InnoTech, the world's top research facility for agricultural crops, Vegreville works closely with them to help attract and foster companies whose primary focus is research in the agricultural field. This includes most cereal crops, like wheat, oats, barley, other crops like canola and peas, as well as cannabis crops - primarily hemp but also marijuana.

Value-Added Agriculture

Working with InnoTech, Vegreville is a growing centre for the hemp industry and many of the value-added components of hemp. As the current home of a major CBD manufacturer (Chromtec), and future home of a hemp processing facility, Vegreville is poised to become the hemp capital of Canada. In addition, there are two major grain terminals on the border of Vegreville's town limits - Grains Connect and Viterra, which provides ample opportunity for value-added processing of numerous grains.

Oil & Gas Manufacturing

Vegreville is located near a large number of Oil & Gas company’s facilities - both extraction and processing. As such, it is an ideal location for any company that is in the Oil & Gas sector to locate their business here.

Oil & Gas Servicing 

As mentioned above, Vegreville is ideally situated for companies in the Oil & Gas servicing field to locate their business here. With inexpensive land, low cost of living, available serviced industrial land and a supportive business climate, Vegreville is a perfect location for your business.

Cannabis Industry

Vegreville is host to the top research facility in the world for hemp and marijuana.  This combined with ideal growing conditions, almost 2 million seeded acres of the crop in the region and a strong agricultural community, makes Vegreville one of the best places in the world to grow and produce hemp products.