There is an abundance of opportunities in Vegreville and we would love to help you discover them. With a strong workforce that is both well educated and hard-working, Vegreville is the perfect location for so many businesses.  We are currently focusing on these target areas of attraction:

Retail Stores

Having completed a comprehensive Retail Gap Analysis in 2019, Vegreville is ready to welcome new retail businesses to our town. The study identified areas of need in Vegreville and its trading area. These areas include Grocery & Convenience, Clothing, Apparel & Footwear, Auto & RV’s, Food & Beverage and Home Furnishings & Appliances. In total, it was estimated that Vegreville could accommodate almost 90,000 sq. ft. of additional retail.

Commercial space

As the regional service centre for agriculture, oil & gas and several utilities, Vegreville is a great place for a person that has a trades background – electrical, plumbing, pipefitting, instrument technician, heavy-duty mechanic, and so many more. With great prices on available buildings and a very strong regional marketplace, Vegreville is ideal for your business.

Industrial space

Vegreville is in the process of developing almost 80 acres of land – fully serviced – to service the industrial sector in the area. This, combined with an additional 17 acres in Town, give us almost 100 acres of land in which to locate an industrial business. The Town has identified several excellent opportunities, based on the strengths of the region.      

Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services 

With the world-class research facility Innotech located in Vegreville, there are several opportunities in this area. The fibre optic network for internet that is available in all areas of town makes Vegreville a better-connected location than any other place in the province or even the world.

Value-added Agriculture 

As a regional hub for agriculture, Vegreville is literally surrounded by farming and farmland. This provides an outstanding opportunity to use the raw materials that are grown in the area and turn them into finished products. This could entail traditional crops like wheat, barley and oats, or new crops like canola, peas or even hemp.

Oil & Gas 

Servicing and Manufacturing – with Alberta’s industrial heartland less than an hour away, Vegreville is in a great location to house companies in the oil & gas sector. Lower cost of land and operating costs will allow better profits for companies in this sector.

Cannabis Sector 

While both marijuana and hemp are now legal in Canada, Vegreville has identified industrial hemp as an excellent target to attract here. The northern sunshine in the summer, combined with a large supply of agricultural land in the region, makes this area one of the best places in the world to grow hemp. In addition, with the best hemp research facility on the planet (Innotech) located in Vegreville and an industrial area that is dedicated to growing the industrial hemp business, we are well-positioned for this sector.