Professional, Scientific & Technical Services

Do you work in the Professional, Scientific and Technical Services Industry?

With Vegreville’s Telus PureFibre broadband internet and connections to many other industries, there is no better place to start a back-office support business. Many larger industries in Vegreville and the surrounding region are always in need of technical and consulting services, opening many doors for entrepreneurs skilled in this field. This sector is unique because home-based businesses can do the same work that corporations do, meaning you can run a successful business here in Vegreville. There is very little competition in this industry in our town, so there is a high potential for success and profit.

As the home to Innotech Albertaa world-leading research centre, Vegreville could become a leading municipality in the Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services Industry. 

Additionally, Vegreville is in the unique position of having an abundance of administratively skilled workers since the Federal Government’s move of the Immigration Case Processing Centre. When operational, the centre employed 285 staff skilled in document processing, data entry, and administrative tasks.