Vegreville offers competitive commercial/industrial land prices, excellent transportation logistics systems and a skilled workforce. 

Vegreville is strategically located on a transportation corridor with vast agriculture and manufacturing assets connecting to global markets. 

  • Vegreville is located on the Trans-Canada Highway 16 (4-lane), connecting to the western ports accessing Asian markets. 
  • Both CN/CP railways operate major intermodal container terminals in Edmonton approximately 100km from Vegreville.
  • Highway 36, 22km east of Vegreville, is a major north-south corridor that connects to the U.S. and Mexican markets. 
  • Edmonton International Airport is just 1 hour away providing access to global air freight.
  • Major freight and courier companies provide daily service to Vegreville

Vegreville Regional Airport offers general aviation access and is UAV friendly. 

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