There is a $35.20 flat rate for zero water consumption each month. Water is then charged at $3.34 per cubic meter used.  

Bulk Water Clients 

Water purchased from the Vegreville Bulk Water Station is charged at $5.99 per cubic meter.  

Sanitary Sewer – Residential  

There is a $5.50 fixed service fee and a $6.00 flood mitigation/storm drainage fee each month. The first 17 cubic meters is charged at $4.70, and $0.39 after that, to a maximum of 36.75 meters.  

The maximum monthly sewer charge, not including fixed service fees is $12.40.  

Sanitary Sewer – Non-residential  

Non-residential accounts incur the same charges as residential clients. However, there is no maximum charge.  

Residential Garbage and Recycling 

There is a monthly fee of $7.00 for garbage and an additional $7.00 for recycling. These charges are added to your monthly utility bill.

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