Why Vegreville

Here's why you should locate your business in Vegreville

Vegreville is a fantastic location for a new business to locate. We have a solid workforce that is well educated, experienced and very hard working. 

Vegreville has a strong retail base and a very loyal customer base. It has a number of "anchor" retail stores, including a Wal Mart, Canadian Tire, Mark's Work Wearhouse, Co-op and No-Frills. These businesses act as a draw for customers who will shop these stores and then use other local retailer's services or goods. With numerous stores, service stations, restaurants and fast food outlets, Vegreville attracts customers from a trading area of almost 100 km.

We recently completed a retail gap analysis in 2019 that identified many areas that would have a high likelihood of succeeding in Vegreville, which includes clothing stores, shoe stores, restaurants and several others. 

In addition to retail, Vegreville is an outstanding place to locate a commercial or industrial facility. As a significant regional hub for the Agricultural community, plus both a Viterra and a Grains Connect Canada elevator, Vegreville has a strong tradition of servicing the farming sector. With numerous implement dealers, bulk fuel stations, fertilizer sales and support retail-like Peavey Mart and Canadian Tire, Vegreville is well known as the regional service centre for farmers.

Vegreville is also well known as an innovative community as it is home to the world's leading agricultural research centre - InnoTech Alberta. Innotech has one of the world's best research laboratories specializing in grain crops and cannabis, specifically hemp and marijuana. Vegreville is rapidly becoming known as a hemp centre of excellence, with a growing number of hemp-related companies locating here.